What is Certass?

Certass, licensed in 2006, is a not for profit government approved Competent Person Scheme. Competent Person Schemes were set up by the government to provide an alternative to submitting a building notice or using an approved Local Authority inspector for certain home improvements and building works. Since 1st April 2002, all replacement window and door installations must be certificated and there are two ways of achieving this. All Certass registered contractors are vetted to ensure they are qualified to carry out the replacement of windows and doors in accordance with the current building regulations and, once an installation is complete, Certass provides you with the Building Regulation Compliance Certificate for the work carried out.

Why Certass?

By using a Certass registered contractor you'll get:
  • Protection of deposit taken - in line with the insurance company's policy wording
  • A 10 year guarantee covering completed window and door installations
  • At a minimum, an offer of an insurance policy to cover the 10 year guarantee, should the certass registered contractor cease to trade
  • An easy way of registering your replacement windows and doors with your Local Authority at no cost to you

Click here to visit the web site and learn how Certas can offer you piece of mind.




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